Powerful Morning prayer starters.

A morning prayer and an early search in the scriptures to know what we should do for the lord can set the course of a day. We can know which task (of all those we might choose) matters most to God and therefore to usHenry B. Eyring


Prayers are no doubt powerful. At some point in our lives, (if not Every time actually) We’ve seen answers to our prayers stare at us in the face as we receive them with gratitude.

Personally, I have seen Prayers been answered and I am encouraged that God really hears us.

I believe Prayers can be likened to integral parts of building materials that can be used to create the kind of Life a person wants.

You want to be successful? Pray yourself into it and Do what God leads you to do- –  with time, you’d reap the fruits of your fervent prayers.

Morning prayers plus the scriptures plus consistency equals to a much more improved day.

Here are prayers from God’s word you can incorporate into your morning routine.

As you pray and take each day at a time, May God bless and improve your life in Jesus name. Amen.

Let’s do this and grow together!

1. Heavenly Father, As I go out or as I stay at home today, I ask that you cause your face to shine upon me and be gracious unto me. Amen.

Why is this prayer important? It’s such a mind blowing thing when God’s face shines upon us, it means his beauty and favor envelopes us and that’s amazing.

2. Father as I receive favor in your sight, cause men to Favor me today. Amen


Why is this prayer important? When we receive favor in the sight of men,it’s as a result of the favor we received from God. 

3. Heavenly Father,I ask that you go before me today, and clear every obstacle that may come my way. Amen

Why is this prayer important? There are various things in life that can lead to frustration,these things can be avoided when God clears them away before we encounter them.

4. ABBA Father, Search my heart, see if there’s any wicked way in me and lead me back to the path that leads to you. Amen

Why is this prayer important? The heart of Man is desperately wicked,The world out there holds so much wickedness that can rub off on a person and also, The flesh nature wants to do what is good in its own eyes, sometimes this goes unnoticed but thanks to God,he can help us get back on the right track.

5. Lord, Today, I ask for the grace to be a blessing, to shine as light and to be Salt to the world. Amen

Why is this prayer important? Jesus instructed us to be the salt and Light of the Earth,how can we do this without his help? You see why it’s important now?

6. Lord I ask for the grace to say what you want, do what you want,go where you want, to do everything all to your glory and to be Led by your spirit. Amen

Why is this prayer important?
Our lives are meant to bring Glory to God,we can do this when we yield to his spirit in us.

7. Father I declare that today, Nothing dies in my hands, Nothing dies around me, Nothing dies in my Life. Amen


Why is this prayer important? This declaration is important because it allows you take authority as a Child of God.

8.  Heavenly Father I declare that wheresoever I step foot receives the Light of Christ. Amen

Why is this prayer important? This also allows you exercise authority,to make positive impact and to reveal Christ to the world.

9. Father, I ask for Wisdom for this day. Amen

Why is this prayer important? Wisdom is profitable. It helps us to apply the knowledge we have and to make the right decisions in all aspects of Life.

10.  Father I ask that you help me pray without ceasing throughout the day and to maintain a continuous communication with you in JESUS name,Amen

Why is this prayer important? When we pray without ceasing,it helps us keep an open communication with God,this allows God to walk through the day with us. Awesome right?!

11. Lord I ask for the grace to set my heart on things above, I ask for the grace to set my gaze upon you alone and to be addicted to your approval alone, In Jesus name,Amen.


Why is this prayer important? When we become too preoccupied with the World,it tends to get us away from the very thing that really matters and this never satisfies. Only God can satisfy our deepest wants and longings

12. Father I ask for grace for the day in Jesus name, Amen

Why is this prayer important? Grace is unmerited Favor. We need Grace every now and then.

13. Lord I ask for the grace to Love genuinely even when it’s hard, Amen.

Why is this prayer important? There are so many people we come across that are hard to love this is due to our selfish nature. Through Jesus we can Love,we can’t do it on our Own.

14. Lord I ask for grace to trust you with the whole of my Life, I ask that you help me give it all to you. Amen

Why is this prayer important? Sometimes it’s hard to just let go of our lives even when we claimed to have given JESUS Lordship over our lives, we always tend to depend on our abilities which fails sometimes,but God never fails. We can trust him.

15. Father I declare in Jesus name that nothing steals my joy today. Irrespective of what comes my way. Amen


Why is this prayer important? There are so many things in the world right now that can literally steal your joy if you’re not vigilant enough. Why Not set God as a guard over your Joy before you go out there and come across the Joy killers? sadness makes life lose its sweet flavor

16. Lord I ask for your protection today,I ask that you watch over me in Jesus name,Amen

Why is this prayer important?
For obvious reasons, The Insurgencies,Lack of Security, Riots can create fear but when we are assured God is watching over us,we know we’re protected.

The most amazing part is, God has promised us answers to prayers that aligns with his will and that’s a Joy giver. These are just a few selected prayer ideas,there are a whole lot that you can adopt as led by the spirit.

Which of these prayers are Familiar to you and which will you like to add to your morning routine? How has Morning prayers helped you? Please comment down below, I’d like to learn from you too.

Please share so others can be blessed too,thanks.

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  1. Nice one! 🙂

    I pray some of the prayers, but always ordered steps, Pauline prayers and Jabez prayers.

    Love, love the Pinterest cards! Will definitely be repinning 🙂

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