1st Blogging Anniversary!

Tuesday-the 31th of August 2020 brings back lots of memories and as God would have it, it’s the same time I’m presently writing this.

Skepticism almost kept me from celebrating God’s faithfulness and it feels like déjà vu, because skepticism also almost kept me away from blogging at all.

I was so reluctant to write this because I felt there was really nothing to celebrate, I was thinking there was really no growth to be proud of or impact per say. Nevertheless I’m grateful God has seen me through. I’d not despise this days of little beginnings.

Let me share a shortened story of how I starting blogging.

The year 2020 started with so much positivity and ‘spiritual vibe’ for me,I could feel the adrenaline not only physically but spiritually..it was like an awakening..actually it was an awakening.

I started to pray like never before,was drawn to the word of God like ants drawn to sugar.

I felt empty when I wasn’t in fellowship with God or involved in any spiritual activity.

I was hungry and thirsty.

In all,I could say 2020 was a year of revival for me,it changed my life and above all, it was a year of great deliverance for me(story for another day(in the farthest future,haha).

Fast forward to april 2020,I knew already that I was going to write, but I didn’t know how or where to start, and then voila! De-raconteur had a 3day storytelling course and that propelled me.

This blog was developed and I was ready to start writing but because I felt restricted,I didn’t write until September.

…But hold on,It wasn’t as easy as that. There was warfare. Real warfare. (Inserts suspense filled soundtrack)

I can laugh about it now but it was not funny at all.

Between april and august 30th. I had the worst dreams ever,I’d be walking on the road and just hear “Die” without anyone in view.

Not forgetting the bouts of depressive thoughts, condemnation and Insecurity.

It got to a point that I thought I’d never blog at all. It was all too much for me. And I knew it was about the blog because the thoughts suggested closing up the blog for good.

Sometimes I wondered why there was so much warfare as I didn’t even have much or any audience at all and I wasn’t sure anyone was going to read.

Then came august 31st 2020,the day before the day I had planned to launch the blog.

I sat down in the room,on the Floor,ready to delete the blog after about 200 failed attempts.

Now that I look back, I see that it was all the devil and there was really nothing wrong.

Staring at the screen with so much internal turmoil,I asked the Holy-Spirit one more time,“Do you want me to do this? Or should I just delete it ?”. And then came the voice after 4 good(not literally) months. “Do it”

I felt the peace wash through me,wash away the doubts and Fears, from that moment all the dreams stopped and the Condemnation lessened.

Not only did he say “Do it”,He dropped another idea into my heart which was the How to study the bible with direction blog post and with the way the ideas rushed in,I was greatly humbled, because I knew I was not the source of it and I never will.

There’s so much to say about the journey so far. So much.

I’ve learned, unlearned, relearned and I’m still learning.

I’d had encounters through writing. I’ve cried but I’ve laughed too

In all I’m grateful. So grateful to you the readers and subscribers who take their time to read.

To my good friend and professional colleague who cheers me up especially when I feel like I’m not good enough. Thank you. Yes it’s you Augus**)

To my family. Nuclear and Extended. Thank you!

To Everyone at the Support Group.

To Debby Osa, Victory Adeyemi,Mr salt, Jennifer, Fortune,Chioma,Shefeoluwa,Daniel Adebayo. I’m so Glad that I know you and I feel so blessed that Our parts Crossed.

To all my friends who read but do not drop comments. I love you like that.

Please Keep Reading. Keep Sharing. Keep supporting.Keep praying and keep believing.

I may put up another post on Lessons I’ve learned in a year of blogging for Christ,So you may want to stay tuned 😉

Today I give glory to God For his Faithfulness and I’m trusting God for grace to be more consistent.

More Spirit inspired posts coming soon in Jesus name..!!

Happy 1st Anniversary to Us!😊

..And Happy New month!!

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  1. Congratulations, girl…And DON’T STOP WRITING! The devil is a b…d!!

    Congrats, again 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for your constant Encouragement. God bless you sis.

  2. I was already excited for your blogversary until I saw a personal shout out and my excitement is now off the roof😂. The beautiful thing about blogging for me is it opened me up to a whole new community of wonderful people. Well done my dear!
    Keep on writing. You’re an inspiration to me and many more years. To many more impactful years with your words. Congratulations!

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